Welcome to Purenur! Your one-stop, educational children's room decor and furniture, selling a trusted edit of the world's best brands and our own-label. Purenur seeks to turn our children’s room into a positive learning environment through our quality products that promotes learning in a fun way.

Our print collections features modern, bright and bold designs for lively kids personalities, as well as with muted & neutral soothing prints for a more subtle kids interior theme.

Located in the UK: HAQ Retail Ltd. 27 Old Gloucester Street London, WC1N 3AX, UK. Majority of our products are made and shipped from and to the UK. The popular circle rugs are made & shipped from our international warehouse with ethic manufactures.

I am Houriyah CEO and founder of Purenur and Mum of 3 small boys. Since becoming a mother, I began the journey, as other mums do, with helping my children on their learning journey whilst cultivating a healthy play environment in their spaces around the home.

Being in the professional field of creativity and design, I enjoy combining the skills I had developed with my passion for children's learning and textiles. With the birth of my first son, I decided to make him an Arabic alphabet blanket which I thought he would love, and couldn't find anywhere. This began after searching the stores, and online trying to find him children's items and home decor items that provide positive and engaging learning at home which would be fun, engaging, educational and of exceptional quality. It was difficult to find (as you can imagine!). I designed my first Arabic alphabet infused textile with fun traffic lights and cars. I printed and sewn his unique blanket. The design was fun, bright and colourful which I loved. The illustrated cars and lights are perfect to compliment a little boys room. I learnt so much since then and as we grow, our values stay the same. We aim to develop our products to best compliment kids learning spaces.

We have grown so much since, we now provide a huge ray of the best children's room decor and furniture with fast shipping to all UK areas.

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